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The Reputation Management Podcast

Sep 19, 2019

Join Tony Langham as he interviews PROI Partner SenateSHJ’s Angela Scaffidi on managing reputation across the world.

In this, the 4th episode of The Reputation Management Podcast, we discuss the differences of companies global perceptions of how reputation is managed, how organisations need to begin to engage with the issues of their societies, and reputation management organisations responsibility on a global scale, as well as much more.

Tony Langham, Lansons Chief Executive and Co-Founder is an adviser, entrepreneur and chairman with over 30 years front line experience building and protecting the reputations of companies, organisations and Governments.

His book, ‘Reputation Management: The Future of Corporate Communications and Public Relations’ is out now and available to order from Amazon

Angela Scaffidi is SenateSHJ’s Head of Change and works with organisations dealing with issues relating to reputation and a loss of trust. An accredited user of the Four Rooms of Change®, Angela sees an organisation’s culture and reputation as intrinsically linked and therefore works across change, culture, leadership and reputation.

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